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Garage Door Replacement Costs: A Guide

Even the most durable garage doors can’t last forever and eventually need replacing. The idea that you’ll have to think about garage door replacement costs when that day comes probably fills you with dread. As daunting as garage door replacement costs may be, financially planning for your future garage door replacement doesn’t have to be a total nightmare. Use this guide for garage door replacement costs so you can know how much you might want to save for your next garage door.

Reasons To Replace Your Garage Door

Before you can think about garage door replacement costs, you’ll need to consider the reasons for replacing your garage door. The most common reason for garage door replacement is that the door is at the end of its lifespan or has excessive wear and tear. You might also replace your garage door if it’s incurred enough severe damage that a replacement would make more financial sense.

Garage Door Replacement Costs By Style

The first way to think about garage door replacement costs is to consider the style of the garage door. In this case, style refers to how the garage door looks and operates. Here are the current estimates of garage door replacement costs based on style.

Sectional Garage Door

The sectional garage door is one of the most popular garage door styles and is likely the one you’ve seen the most. This garage door can bend into individual panels, or “sections,” as it moves along its tracks. Sectional garage doors are available in many different materials. In addition to their high demand, sectional garage door replacement costs range anywhere from $750 to $2,500.

garage door replacement costs sectional

Carriage Garage Door

Carriage style is the way to go if you want a rustic aesthetic for your garage door. This garage door style utilizes two doors that can open outward, either manually or automatically, depending on their set-up. They are designed to resemble the doors of barns that once housed carriage horses. While they can be made of steel, the fact that they are mostly made of wood contributes to their expense. Replacing or installing this door costs around $5,500, making it one of the most expensive options.

Roll-Up Garage Door

Unlike the sectional garage door, a roll-up garage door can bend and fold into itself at the top rather than cover the headroom and ceiling of the garage. Because they are often used in small garage doors and are made with steel, the average price to install or replace a roll-up garage door is $950. However, if there are additional considerations such as material, size, or even where it’s being installed, it can cost as little as $850 or as much as $3,000 to install.

Tilt-Up Garage Door

This garage door style consists of a single panel that slides in or out from the top and tilts the single panel up or down during operation. Due to consisting of a single panel, tilt-up garage door replacement costs average out to $850, but depending on the material and size, it can cost as little as $500 or as much as $1,500. 

Garage Door Replacement Costs By Material

Now that you have a basic grasp of garage door replacement costs based on the style of operation let’s examine another perspective when considering garage door replacement: the material. Please note that, just like before, these costs are based on ranges and national averages and can ultimately vary depending on extenuating circumstances.


Wood is one of the most popular garage door materials. This is due to its customizability and versatility, especially for homeowners who want a traditional look for their homes. The wood garage door replacement cost ultimately depends on whether you’re using pure hardwood, wood composite, or faux wood.

garage door replacement costs wood

To start, pure hardwood has the most price range variance based on the specific hardwood and its quality. While the national average cost of wood garage door replacement comes out at $1,250, it can also cost up to $3,000 depending on the type of wood, the garage door size, style, and other factors. The cost range is still wide for wood composite and faux wood, but the starting price will usually be much lower than it would be for natural hardwood.

Steel And Aluminum

The national average cost of a steel garage door replacement ranges from $600 to $2,000, while aluminum ranges from $700 to $2,100. However, most steel and aluminum garage door costs end up being around $1,300 to $1,350. Keep in mind, though, that, like wood garage doors, the cost of steel and aluminum garage door replacement ultimately depends on additional factors like style, size, and others. 

Vinyl And Fiberglass

Vinyl and fiberglass are often deemed “budget” materials for garage doors. However, that is not always the case with these garage doors, as it ultimately comes down to their style, how they’re customized, size, and other additional features. Because of the additional perk of their durability, vinyl garage door replacement costs usually range from $1,000 to $2,600, while fiberglass can have a less expensive maximum cost of $2,100.

Our Team Provides Free Replacement Estimates!

Garage door replacement costs shouldn’t only be determined based on style and material alone. Size, design, insulation, decorative additions, and means of operation should also be considered in this endeavor. If trying to come up with how much it’ll cost to replace your garage door feels like a daunting task, you’re in luck. You can contact our team at Garage Door Repair Duncanville, and get a free estimate for your garage door replacement.

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