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How To Secure A Garage Door

Your garage door is one of the main points of entry into your home. If this entry point isn’t properly protected, then anyone can easily take advantage of your garage door to break into your home. For this reason, you will learn how to secure a garage door and keep your home safe.

How To Secure A Garage Door With 5 Methods

There are various ways to secure your garage door. For today’s purposes, here are five methods for how to secure a garage door.

1. Lights And Motion Sensors

The first way you can approach how to secure a garage door is by adding lights and motion sensors. The inclusion of lights will help deter potential burglars. Having lights installed right outside your garage and keeping them on will give potential burglars the impression that someone is awake, making them more hesitant to try anything. 
Motion sensors can come in the form of floodlights. These are lights that turn on when a motion sensor detects movement. The easiest form of motion sensor floodlights to install are solar-powered ones. This means you can do your part to protect the environment while securing your garage door.

2. Garage Door Lock Shield

Another way to go about how to secure a garage door is by using a garage door lock shield. Intruders can use many creative methods to break into your garage, from hacking a smart opener to prying the door open with a coat hanger. Installing a shield to cover access to the emergency release cord will create an additional layer of protection. You’ll still be able to access this failsafe measure in emergencies, but a trespasser won’t be able to take advantage of it to get into your home.

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3. Tinted Security Film

If you’re concerned about someone trying to scout out what’s inside your garage door, you can obstruct that view with tinted security film on your garage door windows. You can use laminated polyester to cover your garage door windows, making it more difficult for someone to notice if you have any valuables in your garage. Replacing your current garage door windows with frosted ones is also a good way to protect your garage from someone trying to scout it out for a break-in. Garage door window covers are also an option if you want an inexpensive way to beef up garage door security.

4. Hide The Remote

Thinking about where you keep your garage door remote is another important component of how to secure a garage door. Do you keep your garage door remote in your car or on your person? Is the remote kept near the garage door in what you believe to be a secure spot? Thinking of more creative places to hide your garage door remote and changing it up every so often is a good strategy to keep your garage door secure. If you are unnerved by the thought of someone managing to find it, keep your remote on your person and bring it with you inside your home.

5. Smart Garage Door System

Installing a smart garage door security system is the most surefire way to protect your garage and your home. First, you can upgrade your garage door with the latest technology. Find a brand that you trust for your garage door security system upgrade and take advantage of all the features it offers that’ll keep your home safe.

Our Technicians Can Boost Your Garage Door’s Security

Now that you know five ways to go about how to secure a garage door, you can finally start making your home safer than before. When it comes to finding help with securing your garage door, Garage Door Repair Duncanville’s technicians are the best people to help with that. Contact us today for higher garage door security.

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