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The Cost Of Garage Door Materials

When putting together a new house, you can’t overlook the design of your garage door. After all, it plays a huge role in your home’s curb appeal and is meant to enhance the appearance of your home’s overall exterior. It ultimately comes down to which material is best for your garage door and the cost. When it comes to choosing the right garage door material, you need to consider which materials will best complement the style of your home in addition to how much it’ll cost to install. Keep reading this blog for an in-depth look at the cost of garage door materials. 

What Impacts The Cost Of Garage Door Materials?

Before exploring specific price ranges, it’s important to first answer the question: what impacts the cost of garage door materials? Here are the factors that can affect the cost of garage door materials:

1. Premade Or Customized

One of the first factors that will impact the cost of garage door materials is whether or not you plan to purchase a premade door or have it customized. You will typically pay more money for a customized garage door than a premade one, so keep that in mind when picking your garage door material. 

2. Insulation

Insulation can also add to the price of your garage door material. This increase in cost is due to the labor and time required to bring this energy-saving addition to your garage door. Whether or not the insulation is already embedded within the material will also determine the final cost.

3. Size

Finally, the size will play a huge part in determining the cost of garage door materials. A single garage door, for example, will cost less than a double garage door. This price difference is due to how much material will be needed for that specific garage door size.

The Cost Of Garage Door Materials

Now that you know what can affect the cost of garage door materials, it’s time to look at specific garage door materials costs. Remember that these prices are average calculations for the material alone, as the final cost varies depending on additional factors. You will gain insight into the costs of these materials, from most to least expensive.

1. Glass

Right out of the gate, glass panels are a very popular garage door material choice, especially for contemporary and modern designs. Their demand makes them the most expensive option, costing $700-$5,000 for a single garage door and up to $8,000 for a double garage door. This type of garage door is great if you want your home to really give off that sleek and sophisticated vibe.

2. Wood

Pure wood is the second most expensive garage door material on the market, costing up to $3,000. It is possible to find pure hardwood that’s less expensive, but when it comes to wood, excellent quality and durability cost more. If you’re able to pay for this material, it’s worth taking advantage of all the benefits it offers for your garage door.

the cost of garage door materials wood

3. Fiberglass

Fiberglass is where you start to see the cost of garage door materials settle in the middle. They tend to cost more than vinyl due to having more options when it comes to customization. It also helps that you can give fiberglass a woodgrain finish, allowing you to save money on an actual wood door.

4. Vinyl

Vinyl and fiberglass tend to be in the same price range when it comes to their overall costs. This material has a durability advantage over fiberglass but isn’t as customizable. Whether or not this ends up being more expensive than fiberglass depends on the supplier. 

5. Steel

While steel garage doors can be pricey, they can still be available in good quality at lower prices, especially if they are used for commercial property. Ultimately, the cost of steel for a garage door is most dependent on additional factors like style, size, customization, insulation, and others. Don’t let the primarily commercial usage of this material deter you from using this for your home.

6. Aluminum

While aluminum can be stylistically versatile, it’s one of the least durable garage door materials. This low durability makes aluminum one of the cheapest garage door materials on the market. That said, if you don’t live in an area with intense weather patterns, aluminum doors are worth considering.

Our Team Will Find The Best Material For Your Garage Door!

We hope this guide to the cost of garage door materials will make a difference in your search for the perfect garage door. If you live in Duncanville, our Garage Door Repair Duncanville team can help you find the best material for your garage door and even install it for you. Contact us today so we can bring your dream garage door to life. 

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